T-77 Micro Shield Maintainer Cleaner Sealer Restorer Ant-Dust*No-Rinse* No-Soap* Water-Oil-Stain Repellent T-77 Maintainer is a concentrated formula which will make 10 gallons when mixed 18 parts water to one part of concentrate. Any state which mirrors Calif. VOC Air Quality Control laws must use 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate. If the consumers state is Calif. VOC Exempt then the formula may used straight or diluted with water as desired.

Contingent upon dilution rate the result is a remarkable cleaner* sealer tested on surfaces such as Glass*Shower Surrounds* Mirrors*Metals* Stainless Steel*Chrome*Brass*BBQ’S*Porcelin Sinks* Commodes* Fiberglass*Clear coats*Granite*Marble* Natural Stone*Tile*Pergo Sealed/Treated or Synthetic Wood*Any Hard Surface when treated CLEANS THE SURFACE CLEANER* Allows the surface to resist *dust* water*oil*soap scum*non-acidic*staining materials*Bugs,Tar,Oil on front of Cars*Trucks*Boats*Jet Skiis*Trailers* RV’s*SURFACE STAYS CLEANER LONGER! *ALWAYS TEST SURFACES TO DETERMINE DESIRED RESULTS* *Treated surfaces do not become slippery* UPPER SURFACES:Spray on surface diluted as desired and buff on and off with Quality Micro-Fiber Towels or lint free quality cotton based materials if Mico-fiber is not available.

*DO NOT USE ON HOT SURFACES OR ON SURFACES IN HOT DIRECT SUNlIGHT!* SHAKE CONCENTRATE BEFORE POURING&SHAKE SPRAY BOTTLE FREQUENTLY WHILE USING ! All Hard Surface Flooring: UNEQUALED RESULTS are achieved by using a high Quality MICROFIBER MOP with MICROFIBER MOP HEAD . Mix a dilution of Desired water and concentrate or 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate and spray on bottom of Microfiber Mop pad.Apply checking the bottom of pad and rinse out pad as it gets dirty with warm to hot water wringing out as much excess water as possible,Reapply solution spray and continue. Interior flooring and grout if correctly sealed with One Master Aqua Qwik Dry and frequently maintained with T-77 Maintainer may never require re-sealing contingent upon exposure to direct sunlight and consumer traffic conditions. REMOVE HARSH Sulfates,Soap based chemicals and cleansers and replace with Smarter not Harder ONE MASTER products which clean cleaner and stay cleaner longer!

CLEAN CLEANER LESS OFTEN Most grout no matter how sealed gets dirty by using conventional soap as well as neutral cleaners which all soap gets caught in grout lines especially with Antiquated MOP/BUCKET CLEANING and ATTRACTS DIRT AND DUST ! T-77 Microshield ® Maintainer Restorer does not contain any conventional soap,animal fat or surfactants which leave any residue at all. This cleaning and resealing system keeps surfaces crystal clear and clean. When floor surfaces are sealed with OneMaster Aqua/Qwik Dry penetrating sealer and maintained with only T-77 Microshield Maintainer Restorer treated surfaces actually stay cleaner and slip/resistance is increased. Most Floor surfaces may never have to be reseled even in high traffic areas if maintained with T-77 Microshield ® Maintainer Restorer on a daily/weekly basis. If a natural stone floor required surface Restoration such as Diamond Sanding or compounding then the Restored area would require resealing. The following surfaces when sealed and maintained with T-77 Microshield ® and Maintainer will require a minimum of time and energy and stay Pristeen indefinitely. Marble Limestone Granite Porcelain Glass Mirror Metals Chrome BrassStainless Steel Tile,Ceramic Aluminum Clearcoats Plastics Lexan Vinyl All Natural Stone ,Metals,Glass and even some synthetics which are acid sensitive will still etch even when treated with any Onemaster Proffessional Grade Penetrating sealers or T-77 Microshield . Always pre-test surface to be treated to determine desired results.

Check out our lab tests for this product.

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