QUICK DRY EXTREME: (20% concentrate of resins)

One Master, Aqua Qwik Dry and Aqua Qwik Dry Xtreme… penetrating sealers are safe, environmentally friendly, advanced fluro-polymer formulas that provide unequaled protection from water and oil based stains and strengthens slip resistance/grip increase on wet and dry surfaces …….. While allowing Treated Surfaces to breathe.


Protects the following:
• Marble • Granite • Concrete • Glass • Fiberglass • Plastics • Chrome • Brass • Natural Stone • Metals • Limestone • Brick • Quarry Tile • Terra Cotta • Saltillo Tile • Tile & Masonry Surfaces • Bronze • Clear Coats • Porcelain • Vinyl • Grout **Can also be used as a superior “grout release” prior to installation**

**Graffiti-Resistant**-Neutralizes-static-charge, antidust…INCREASES…..SLIP RESISTANCE…GRIPPING ABILITY …ESPECIALLY when Upper and Lower Surfaces are exposed to moisture. Aqua Qwik Dry and Aqua Qwik Dry Extreme produces “UNEQUALED” water-oil resistance to all hard porous and non-porous surfaces. (Non- yellowing, UV resistant, vapor emission)

Protect any adjacent painted surfaces, plants and surfaces not being treated, with suitable masking material. (ALWAYS test a small area of each surface to ensure desired results will be achieved. Test with the same equipment and procedures planned for general application and reapplication. Product may darken some materials.)

Aqua Qwik Dry and Aqua Qwik Dry Extreme may bond to existing cured coating or sealer if surface is clean and free of all oil and/or solvent base residue

Coverage rates will vary depending on the porosity of the material and temperature at the time of application. Square footage may range from 100 sq/ft to 3,000 sq/ft per gallon.

Prior to application all surfaces must be cleaned neutralized and no moisture present in the surface.

A good way to determine if there is invisible moisture below the surface is to place a flat 1 foot by 1 foot piece of non bleeding rubber or plastic over surface and allow to sit for 12-24 hrs. Perimeter edges should not be allowed to breathe, if necessary please tape edges with 3m low tack blue tape

If there is no moisture on side of surface that has been touching the substrate for 12-24 hrs Generally this is a good indication. However if the surface has had excess exposure to water due to Diamond sanding or surface to be applied is exposed with moisture near installation due to ground watering, cooler and or excessive humidity 24 to 36 hrs dry time or until no moisture is detected is mandatory prior to sealing application.

Product may be applied using microfiber towels, microfiber mop applicator, a brush, roller, sponge or sprayer. Buff, broom, absorb and massage any excess sealer that does not penetrate within 5-10 minutes using an absorbent towel, carpet bonnet or 3m white polishing pad when using floor machines on high honed and polished surfaces.*Always Stir and shake sealer before and during use.

Note: Porous materials may require multiple wet on wet applications until surface rejects the material. REMOVE EXCESS SEALER IMMEDIATELY UPON REJECTION. Approximate wait time is contingent upon ambient temperature, humidity and air flow. Wait time between applications should be approximately 5-10 minutes. If additional applications are desired please note that “hazing” may occur if excess product is not removed immediately. Hazing may occur only if there is excess moisture in the substrate prior to sealing or if too much sealer has been used and excess allowed drying on surface. Excess product and or Hazing have been removed by rewetting with sealer and scrubbing off immediately. Please call Tech support for help and guidance.

Surface temperatures must be between 50-100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and 10-32 degrees (Celsius). The product WILL NOT prevent etching from ACIDIC-CAUSTIC materials. Benefits do not include: cloth and fabric. Use appropriate safety and job site controls during application and handling. NEVER apply sealer to a surface that is HOT or COLD to the touch. Avoid high humidity and damp surfaces.

Surfaces may achieve full cure time within 24-72 hours depending on the humidity, ambient temperature and air flow. When the surface is completely visually dry, it may be open to foot traffic. Product will not resist water-oil staining materials until fully cured. To determine cure time has been achieved, always use an inconspicuous area for water/oil repellency testing.


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