Anti-Dust- no rinse Multi-Surface Cleaner Technical Information

Onemaster Anti-Dust Multi-Surface Cleaner is based on 12 years of constant research and development for cleaning the following surfaces and creating an invisible barrier of resistance to Dust and Dirt attraction.

The component structure of this cleaner allows it to clean virtually any hard surface without the use of soap, silicone, plant oils or animal fat as most conventional cleaning products.


Glass, mirror,electronics,Diamonds, jewelry, Polished metals, stainless, clear coats, fiberglass, plastics,acrylics, honed, polished stone, tiles, sealed wood  all clean cleaner and stay cleaner longer.  All hard surfaces when cleaned with soap based products charge with static electricity during cleaning leave a film and are slippery when wet.  Onemaster treated Surfaces do not conduct static electricity and there is no soap based residue to attract dirt, dust grease and grime.  Grout lines and all walk able and vertical surfaces get dirty even after being steamed and sealed with a penetrating sealer because conventional soap based cleaners leave a residue which attract dust, dirt, and oils and produce layers of build up including bacteria which is micelles.

Onemaster Multi-surface Cleaner, T-77 Maintainer, Onemaster Penetrating Sealers all has known anti-dust bacteria resistant components in their formulas.

All Hard Surfaces which are waxed polished and sealed including epoxy and urethane with conventional products will stay cleaner and dust free longer if wiped down or maintained with Onemaster Anti-Dust-no rinse cleaner.

1 gallon of concentrate makes 11 gallons of ready to use Anti-Static Multi-surface Cleaner.

Mix 1 part concentrate to 11 parts water and clean with no rinse, no residue no dust attraction.  All Surfaces clean cleaner & Stay Cleaner Longer!

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